Write For Us

As a blog about immersive theatre, we are constantly looking for new writers to join our team in writing knowledgeable and interesting articles and reviews on the industry and artform.

Immersive theatre has constantly been growing and becoming more popular with that searching for new means of being entertained. As these productions are happening all around the UK with unknown destinations with most of them, it’s vital to stay up to date on where and when they might be happening.

If you are a fan of immersive theatre and know a thing or two about how the productions work and a bit of information behind the original film releases, then we might need your assistance in informing the public and supporting the industry of theatre.

If you believe that you can provide good knowledge and details and can write well about the arts, then we would love to hear from you. Please contact Lost Lagoon Blog by email and find out more about how you might be who we are looking for to bring us content we can share with our readers.

All candidates will need to be able to have positive knowledge of immersive theatre and its popularity in the UK. As the UK has many immersive theatres opening, you will need to stay up to date and inform the public of any new theatre experiences and productions.

As a writer for Lost Lagoon, you will need to provide proof of previous experience in working on immersive theatre productions for other UK-based magazines, blogs, or any other source of content-driven platforms.

Looking forward to considering you as a candidate writer for Lost Lagoon Blog.