Top 3 Immersive Theatres in the UK

With immersive theatres never really having a specific location where one can go to watch a production attending the theatre is just that much more interesting and exciting. This article will provide details on the most popular immersive theatres in the UK, where to find some of their performances, and what to expect from each other.

CoLab Theatre

Colab Theatre is based in London and presents a variety of productions for theatre fans to experience some of the best immersive theatre experiences yet. If you have not yet experienced an immersive theatre, you should probably try another one first. CoLab is not for the faint of heart, as you might get so involved with the production that you get scared. Nonetheless one of the most popular immersive theatres in the UK.


Punchdrunk is one of the oldest immersive theatres in the UK. They have been operating in the UK since 2000 and produce their brand of theatre where the audience can choose how to act and which characters to spontaneously add to the story. Their most well-known productions take place in public places such as office buildings and empty warehouses.

Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema is by far the most popular and most famous immersive theatre in the UK. They take things to the next level by making real fantasy worlds based on famous movies. The production started in 2007, binding together film, art, music, and theatre into unforgettable experiences. Some of their performances are secret, and they do not disclose the location or title of the movie in which they will be acted out.

The most well-known movies they have recreated include moulin rouge and back to the future.

Find these immersive theatre groups around the UK for an experience like never before. With immersive theatre providing an experience that is unique, each one of these theatres will provide something different in style and the way in which the productions are being made.