The Great Gatsby Review: Live and Immersive

One for the Jazz heads and classic story lovers. The Great Gatsby story is no longer bound to books and screen; now, fans of the story can experience the story for themselves. With the rise in popularity of immersive theatre, it is no surprise that Immersive LDN thought the world needed a revisit to this classic.

The immersive production of The Great Gatsby was first done in 2019 and was quickly stopped by the covid 19 restrictions. With the first batch of performances, the show brought fans just what they were looking for, attending a party hosted by Gatsby. It’s as you always imagined it, just ‘real’ and better.

The actors and guest actors are outshining what is expected of the characters and atmosphere with live performances and scenes spanning throughout the production.

It’s not the easiest story to bring to life, especially without a stage. But the performance has been running since 2029 for a good reason, and that is that it is phenomenal.

The music and dance numbers are just what you would expect, and it doesn’t disappoint. As with the 2013 film, the production takes you on a colourful and daring adventure of partying, romance, lavish lifestyle, and a classic revisited. The production also has a narrator, all the famous lines and imagery that you can only imagine until witnessed with this immersive theatre piece.

If you are not familiar with the story, it’s good to know that it was set in 1922 and as you are attending, you need to fit the bill. All attendees dress to impress and get a tour through Gatsby’s mansion before the party starts.

The newly revisited batch of performances is toned down to become socially distanced, with the crowd not being as close to the action as previously. Although still in the mansion, the audience is not involved in such an impression as before. Yet the piece is not disappointing and is still one of the most entertaining immersive acts yet.