The Future of Immersive Theatre

The future of immersive theatre seems bright, with technology constantly becoming more advanced. As one of the most important new forms of live entertainment, a lot of attention is put on technology, and due to it being life, technology is used differently. With most immersive theatre companies remaking classics, technology will be needed to be used in a more profound way to help with lightning and live special effects.

The use of augmented reality and virtual reality has already started with various performances such as Gunpowder Plot and Doctor Who. Virtual reality is used in many different forms of entertainment, including gaming and now will be vital to the growth of the immersive theatre scene.

Virtual reality uses lighting, positioning, and even dialogue to position those who are partaking in the production or attending to view the production differently.

Virtual technology enhances the overall effect of the story due to special effects being easily displayed through the use of VR.

With most aspects of entertainment going online, such as with online streaming, immersive theatre is providing people with a way to be even more involved in the production they are watching than ever before. With the ‘realness’ in mind, this form of theatre production is a brand-new way of including audience members into the plot of a story and provides an exciting outlook on the future of entertainment.

With titles that are revisited by immersive theatres, the industry will be slowing down anytime soon. With cinemas closing all over the world, this is a step in the right direction in keeping movies alive and well without the use of pre-produced material.

Attending any immersive production is more than just watching actors perform their lines; it is seen as a form of entertainment that will grow with the times without losing its power in being more real than any other form of storytelling.